Tara and I came to the realization that Rocky would require special care and his medical issues would preclude him from being a "normal" kid.  He needed some friends who would always be there to play with him, protect him, help him and love him.  So we decided to give him some new siblings! Not that Ashlie, Eric and Amber aren't fantastic siblings, but the age difference between them and Rocky was huge.  

God decided that one just wouldn't be good enough. Enter "The Twins," Lyndsie and Ryder, who were born on March 17, 2007.  Although they didn't get to spend that much time with Rocky, they did develop a special relationship with him.  Rocky was always very tolerant of Lyndsie.  He would watch TV with her, give her his toys and even pat her head.  Ryder was a bit more antagonistic and Rocky usually felt he had to put Ryder in his place with a good push or smack on the head.  They were such a pleasure to have all together.  They got to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2007 together.  They also were able to be together for both Rock's fourth birthday party and the twins first birthday.  On weekends, I would take the twins into CHOP to visit Tara and Rocky.  Never thinking their time together would be so short, I didn't take a whole lot of pictures of them together.  I regret it so much now.  I have maybe a dozen or so.  My favorites are posted below.

We brought the twins into this world for Rocky.  As it turns out, we think Rocky brought the twins into this world for us.  The Lord knew Rocky's time would be short and that Tara and I would never make it through his passing without the twins.  Sometimes when you look at Lyndsie and Ryder, all you see is Rocky.  They are so much like him.  Lyndsie has all of Rocky's gentleness and sweetness while Ryder is the little imp who is physically able to do all of the things Rocky longed to do.  They are now our whole world.

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