This site is dedicated to the memory of our beautiful son, Rocky Saginario.  Rocky lived only four and a half years, but he touched so many people. His life was full of challenges which slowly took away his abilities and eventually, his life. Through it all, Rocky always smiled.  He made everyone who came in contact with him, better... better doctors, better nurses, better therapists, better teachers, better neighbors, better friends, better parents... better people.  This was his gift to the world and he was very generous with his gift.  Rocky was undoubtably beautiful on the outside but he was even more beautiful on the inside.  He was gentle, loving and kind.  He was always quick with a smile and accommodating with a hug.  If you were lucky, you might even get a kiss. To hear his laughter was to hear a sweet song or a beautiful piece of music that brought you such pleasure you wish it would never end. To look into his eyes was almost like looking into his beautiful soul.  You were not the same person after getting to know Rocky.  His time on this earth was far too short, but his memory will never fade.

Rocky, we couldn't be more proud of you.  We know you are an angel now and that you bring comfort to children who are sick, just like you were.  We love you Rocky and we cannot wait to see you again.

Now go and play with the other little angels until we get there.

-Daddy and Mommy

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