As a special needs child, Rocky required services to help him both physically and cognitively.

Lauren's House is a medical daycare where Rocky spent a lot of his time, especially in his early years.  The nurses at Lauren's House had a special place in their heart for Rocky.  Lauren's House provided a safe environment for Rocky to get medical attention, get exercise, play, watch TV, make friends... and just get love.  They are a fantastic organization.  Visit them at

The ARC of Chester County provides programs and services to kids with disabilities in Chester County, PA.  We were very excited when Rocky entered the ARC, because it gave him a place to learn and grow.  Here, he received special attention according to his needs and received therapies to improve his skills.  He also made friends and played like a little boy should!  Please consider supporting their efforts.  Visit them at

Below are some pictures of Rocky and his friends at the ARC.

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