The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (also known as CHOP) is the best hospital of its kind in the world.  The staff and the facilities are second to none.  People from all over the world seek treatment for their children at CHOP.  Rocky spent an average of five to six months per year in CHOP.  From the doctors to the security staff, everyone knew Rocky.  They treated him as more than just a patient.  He was family and they went out of their way to accommodate us.  Indeed, the staff at CHOP became an extension of our family.  At Rocky's funeral, I counted at least twenty employees of CHOP in attendance.  They worked tirelessly to keep Rocky here with us for as long as possible.  We owe them so much.


I ask you to find it in your heart to help other kids like Rocky by supporting CHOP.  Just click the link below to see how to give to CHOP:

Below are some pictures of Rocky at CHOP:

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